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Yin After Reincarnation

== Yin and Yang ==

Yin and yang are a pair of characters played by Vincent Malmrose. They hail from the land of Tian Xia, a distant continent to the Inner Seas.

Yang, Race Edit

Full blooded Orc (Dwarf)

Class Edit

Barbarian level 5 with an intelligence of 5.

Appearance Edit

6 feet and 7 inches tall, he looks to be a typical orc barbarian with a pleasant disposition.

Alignment Edit

Yang is a chaotic good. He is out to prove that not all orcs are evil, however, he isn't quite smart enough to understand what a law is. He grew up protecting the weaker races when physical strength was needed, and magic failed.

Yin, Race Edit

Kitsune (Halfling)

Class Edit

Sorcerer level 7

Appearance Edit

Often will appear as a normal sized fox. In human form though he is around 5 feet tall with purple eyes.

Alignment Edit

Chaotic Neutral. Kitsune are often known as tricksters and Yin is no different. He feels no qualms breaking the law a bit for a laugh, as long as no one is hurt. Yin isn't evil, but is also unlikely to help if it doesn't benefit him.

Backstory Edit

Yin and Yang grew up in a kitsune village near the Forest of Spirits on the continent of Tian Xia. Yang, the orc, was adopted when he was a child and grew up in this village. Yang is travelling the country in search of wealth and to break bad things. Its not quite as obvious why Yin, the kitsune, is following around the not so smart barbarian.

Character Relations Edit

Hekrion Edit

Is currently regarded as a friend. Hekrion hid when the "evil guard" came so Yang's opinion of him is slightly lowered. However, Yin considered Hekrion smart in that he hid well from the guards and avoided being wrapped into the fight which could have escalated. Yin now respects Hekrion, but is also will do his best to not depend on Hekrion.

Airi Edit

Is currently regarded as a friend. Yang "saved" Airi from the "evil guard" so he considers her a good friend. Airi seems to consider Yang's intelligence when communicating, so he considers Airi a good and kind person.

Reven Edit

No current involvement with Reven. Technically he was with our group but as player was missing, the character had no interactions.

Geralt Edit

Is currently regarded as a friend. Few interactions, so no major involvement.

Munin Edit

Is currently regarded as a friend. Yang is worried about him, as Munin lost his soul. While Yang doesn't fully comprehend the issues with losing your soul, he is not worried that much about Munin. Yin however is aware that Munin is soulless and is cautious of someone who is willing to sell their soul. Yin is trying to decide if he should take advantage of the situation or not.