Wiki Editing Rules

When creating pages, keep in mind that there is a general format for each type of article.


General Rules

  • All articles must be written in a third-person point of view (e.g. no "me" or "we")
  • All articles must be written in past-tense
  • All articles must be unopinionated
  • All articles and images must be safe for work. Swearing is fine, but if you wouldn't show an image to your grandmother, you might want to find a different picture to use
  • The only time a word should link to a page is when it is the first reference to said page. There should not be more than one link to any given page in your article
  • Properly spellcheck. Write your sections in Microsoft Word if you have to, but please keep the number of typos to a minimum

Character Pages

  • Keep in mind, you need at least the following:
    • Character Details
      • Include player name, character name, race, gender, class, effective level, and alignment
    • Physical Description
      • Include height, weight, hair color, eye color, and clothing
    • Personality
    • Character Relations
    • Backstory can be left blank, but please fill in your character's backstory as it is revealed

Mission Pages

  • You need at least the following:
    • A brief paragraph describing how the group transitioned from the previous mission to the current one.
    • The Dungeon Master(s) who oversaw the quest
    • The party members who were participants of the quest.
    • The stated goal of the mission
    • Mission summary, where the main events are outlined and described. Provide as much detail as possible about the events, but not the characters or locations, those have their own pages.
    • The quest that immediately the party went to next. Since party shuffles happen between quests, make an article about the party shuffle with a name based on what caused the shuffle (e.g. City of Sothis Shuffle).

Item Pages

  • Physical description
  • Role in the story
  • For player items, also include:
    • List abilities of weapon (includin enchantment)
    • Describe all the known backstory of the item (if there is on)
  • For cursed items, also include:
    • A description of the curse

Location Pages

  • Describe the location, especially anything unique about it
  • List the events that occurred there, with a brief description of the events and how they affected the location