Vel'Sek Edit

Player Name:

Chris Baker

Character Name:

Vel'Sek (Mage)






Sorcerer 5 Blood-Mage 1

Effective Level:



Neutral Evil

Appearance Edit

Dressed in deep red robes that cover much of his body Vel'sek rarely takes removes his hood and as such many don't know what he looks like underneath his bloody cowl.

Personality Edit

Vel'Sek often interacts with those around him only because he knows he can find a use for them, mainly their blood or their skills. Not much one for conversation he keeps to himself and rarely talks unless he feels it necessary, and when he does it often comes off as rude or as if he's talking down to the person in question.

Current Inventory Edit

Quater Staff, Two soul-bound dolls (Cynthia, Seff)

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