Lump of Coal

This particularly large lump of coal was obtained by Shadow after winning a particularly vicious Bar Game


It's a large piece of coal. What more do you want?

Appearances in the StoryEdit

Absalom Bar Game

The lump of coal was inside of the Bag of Holding that was the grand prize of the bar game in the Absalom tavern. Shadow, having won the bar game, was initially disappointed, but decided to hold onto it, anyway.

Shadow Absalom Reconnaissance

When the group met with the Queen of Shadow AbsalomArgrinyxia, she requested that Shadow stay behind while the others leave. Once they were alone, she revealed that the lump of coal was actually Dragon's Coal, and that, when enveloped in dragon flames, it would break open and reveal a large gem, a gem that could buy over 70% of the Material Plane. This gem would grant the individual the power to be the King of Shadow Absalom. The Queen then asked if Shadow was willing to accept the responsibility, and he was.

The Queen placed it into his chest, and he gained all the powers that the proper King of Shadow Absalom should have. He became able to morph into an Umbral Dragon at will, and gained much knowledge. However, his true powers have yet to be fully realized.