The party has just arrived in the Plane of Earth and have been hired by the Fossilized King to investigate the colliding planes issue. They were immediately teleported to a desert city to the west.

Dungeon Master Edit


Party Members Edit

  • Sul
  • Christian's Paladin
  • Matt's Dwarf
  • Greg's Ranger
  • Vel'sek

Mission Goal Edit

Fend off the Watermelon Elementals attacking the town, and find out where they came from.

Discover the Cause of the attack.

Missionary Summary Edit

The Group was being escorted through the streets of the Elemental town/villiage when Vel'sek and his animated dolls exited one of the buildings. While the guard was questioning him a portal opened up and through it came several Watermelon people, later determined to be Watermelomentals jumped through the portal and started to attack the denizens of the Earthen plane. Vel'sek joined the party temporarily to deal with the new threat by using his powerful magics to halt the Watermelomentals until the guard and paladins arrived.

Follow-Up Quest Edit

The Shadow Onyx