Stone Shiv of Sacrifice

This mysterious item was discovered in the ancient dwarven kingdom. It appears to have been made of stone, it's handle wrapped in an odd beige leather. Being a cursed item, once it was picked up, it was unable to be dropped.

Functionality Edit

This shiv functions like a regular dagger, doing 1d4 damage as piercing or slashing. However, it has an innate thirst for the blood of the living that gives it power.

Drawing blood from any creature powers the blade up, guiding it on the next strike and making it's wounds more deadly.

The Power Edit

Attacking any target and causing damage while the blade is "dry" (devoid of bonuses from it's special ability) strengthens the dagger depending on the damage dealt and the disposition of the target. This bonus lasts for up to 5 rounds or until it is expended on a successful strike. (Striking an opponent when the dagger is +8 and dealing 14 damage does not instantly recharge the dagger)

Attacking an unwilling target (Ex. any enemy), will give the dagger a +1 to hit and damage for every 5 damage it deals to the target, while attacking a willing target (Which includes yourself) will grant a +1 bonus for every 2 damage dealt. The owner may spend a number of rounds that they decide on ahead of time to ritualistically cut themselves, dealing either max damage, or 1d4 damage every round, in order to accumulate a high bonus. (Ex. Rembrahk has 130 HP, 20 CON, and the Diehard feat. If he wants to cut himself for max damage, dealing 10 damage every round, for 14 rounds, he can stop at -10 hitpoints and then use the dagger at a +70 to hit and damage before likely dying to something like a falling rock.)

Appeasing the Curse Edit

From the second the curse activates, the dagger begins to hunger for willing blood. Dealing a total of 50 damage to willing creatures with the dagger after the curse activates will cause to curse to subside, allowing the owner to let go of the dagger. However, immediately after picking the dagger up again, the curse takes hold, craving more willing blood sacrifice.

Appearances in the Story Edit

M'thril and The Cleric found this odd stone shiv in an execution room. The Cleric knew it was magical and began studying it. However, following a brief argument between the two, M'thril grabbed the dagger and tried to put it in her pack, only to realize that she could not let go of it. Since then, she has escaped the dwarven kingdom, and made it back to Sothis, where she paid someone to identify it for her.