After returning from Shadow Absalom and turning in their mission, the Adventurer's Pact suggest they go spleunking in a mysterious cave.

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Lycanthropy Challenge: Asa

Mission GoalEdit

Investigate the cave.

Mission SummaryEdit

After being placed in jail, Asa seduced a guard into returning her armor, and then used her pendant to step into the Shadow Plane. Of course, once stepping, she found herself in a mysterious arena, and was told she would be fighting a werelion.

As this was happening, Shadow decided to return to Shadow Absalom to spend some time with his wife. After he left, Linnaga joined the group, and the three headed to the Adventurer's Pact, who sent them into a cave that needed investigating. The group was able to hear the sounds of Asa fighting the werelion, but were unable to determine what is the source of the sound. They initially intended to break down the wall to get closer, but, after seeing a large number of claw marks in the cavern, they decided to find a way out, and climb a nearby ladder.

Asa managed to defeat the werelion and was brought into what appeared to be a dining hall. She was commanded to eat the entirety of the werelion. She barely managed to do so, and immediately fell to the ground, convulsing.

The other three soon found her. Airi and Hekrion were surprised and irritated to find her out of prison, but managed to see that she was undergoing a lycanthropy change. Airi attempted to slay Asa then and there, but only triggered the completion of the shift.

A newly-awoken, feral werelion Asa charged at them, attempting to satiate her ravenous apetite. However, Linnaga managed to drive her off into the rest of the Lycanthrope's Maze.

After doing so, the group looked for a way to escape, and saw a ladder on the ceiling. After knocking it down with a crossbow bolt, they climbed up, opened the trap door, only to find themselves coming up from the sewers outside of the tavern.

Follow-Up QuestEdit

Defense of the Statues