Sothis Tavern

A typical bedroom in the Sothis tavern

The tavern is Sothis that is being used by the party members to rest for the night. The tavern is not very much different from the inn found in Absalom.

Details of LocationEdit

As mentioned, the tavern is similar to the one found in Absalom. However, instead of being made out wood, it is made out of an adobe-like material.

Also unlike the Absalom tavern, the bedrooms are not designed to hide a secret space, instead, they are all level and aligned with one another.


Trip to Sothis / Defense of the Statues

After the groups from both missions arrived in Sothis, they found the nearest inn that they could, and immediately rested for the night. The morning after, they sorted themselves into teams and resumed their adventures.

Desert Puzzles

After the party returned from their experiences in the Pharaoh's Tomb, they decided to formally introduce themselves to each other. The group also planned together to take out the Contract Demon that had taken Munin's soul. After doing so, Hekrion and Airi got into an argument over the secrecy he had about himself and his sister resulting in Hekrion storming off.