The cockatrice named Softee, was first seen in the sewer systems of Sothis during the investigation of the strange sounds underneath the temple of Anubis. The potatotrice is the product of a half-failed summoning by a group of Troglodytes in the sewers who chose to use vegetables and soup in place of a blood sacrifice to complete the ritual, this resulted in a smaller and dumber version of the devious beast they planned to summon.

Role In CampaignEdit

While so far the original purpose of the potatotrice is unknown, Azil grabbed the creature after rolling through a flaming sphere cast by Arturo. The creature managed to turn Lia into stone before it was detained by the group, while it was planned to just wring the creatures neck Azil thought of how he could use the cockatrice as a weapon against his foes. Not even Azil knows the bounds of Softee's malice, or if the innocent looking potatotrice can even harbor any evil in itself. However Softee may very well be a mastermind of the highest caliber using those around her to further her evil goals, but Azil is pretty inclined to believe she's just a cockatrice with the intellect of a vegetable.

Total confirmed kills: 1 person, dozens of insects

Notable actions Edit

Face rolling a female drow market stall owner, and turning her to stone.