Shadow Plane

The Shadow Plane, a dark counterpart to the Material Plane

Details of LocationEdit

While the geography is similar to its counterpart in many places, this plane is actually quite a bit smaller than it. Similarily, the place is darker in light, and colors, sounds, and other forms of perception are considerably dampened, as if drowned in the shadows.

The main inhabitants of the Shadow Plane are related to the undead, reveling in the darkness that the Material Plane could never offer. In the wildlands, however, many horrific creatures roam, presenting much more danger than the Material Plane would.

Major LocationsEdit

Shadow AbsalomEdit

Shadow Absalom is the Shadow Plane's dark counterpart of Absalom. The two mirrored cities are complete reflections of the others, to the point that many of the citizens in Absalom will have a dark counterpart. Despite this, the city itself is worn down and faded, with shabby merchants lining the streets, selling their wares.

Shadow Absalom Royal PalaceEdit

In the center of the city, a forboding castle stands, housing the King and Queen of Shadow Absalom. The Queen is an ancient umbral dragon, the Shifting Lady of Ebon Scales, Argrinyxia. The new King is Shadow, who is still learning the ropes of being a leader.


Shadow Absalom ReconnaissanceEdit

A select party of adventurers was sent into Shadow Absalom in order to investigate the rumors of military organization against Absalom. The group did not venture outside of Shadow Absalom, but experienced the general grayness of the plane that expressed itself in the dark city.