The interior of the library

The library in Shadow Absalom contains many mysterious books and scrolls, collected and passed down through the shadows.

Details of LocationEdit

The library is what would be expected from Shadow Absalom. The aisles are long, dark, and solitary. Many mysterious tomes fill the shelves, providing answers for nearly any question.

Perhaps the most mysterious books in the library is the Big Book of Booty series. It has somehow managed to collect all three volumes.


The Shadow Absalom Reconnaissance team ventured to the library when Airi needed to do research on her newly gained sword. She successfully researched that the sword had one wish left on it, so she immediately began setting to work on making a good wish.

Asa managed to find the first two volumes of the Big Book of Booty, and desparately searched for the third volume, but ultimately failed on her search.

Hekrion browsed the library, attempting to find any history behind the Black Blade. He was unable to find any, but when he pulled a book off the shelf at random, it was the third volume of the Big Book of Booty. Thoroughly uninterested in booty, he put it back on the shelf immediately.