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Physical Description Edit

San-Miguel Bastard is a 22 year old Half-Orc. He is 5' 11" and weighs approximately 380 lbs. San-Miguel has Brown eyes and a beige skin tone. He has Long flowing braids of blonde hair inherited from his human father. He is very muscular due to the heavy glaive that he carries. And given to him by his father a Silver Helm that adorns his head.

Personality Edit

San-Miguel along with his two other bastards of brothers all have an obscene obsession with gold. He and his brothers live only to accrue Strength and Gold. Mainly the gold is used in order to make the three brothers stronger so the very core of his being is Strength.He has always been smarter than his other brothers, and because of this when he speaks it seems less brute-ish than his Bastard counterparts. For the longest time San-Miguel has hated the village in which he was born and lives

only to return one day to slay the village that shunned him.

Inventory Edit

The inventory of this Bastard is as follows:

4 Throwing Axes

+1 Deathless Bone Breastplate

Armored Kilt

+2 FlameBurst Glaive (Zalthoria)






Rope 50ft.

Trail Rations x10

Backstory Edit

San-Miguel Bastard has gone through much within his short 22 years. He was born to a family that was already out of the social norm. His mother, Gertrude, an Orc was a brute. By all means she had the look of a warrior and raised all three of the Bastard brothers until the age of 15, when both he and his brothers were banished by the village chief. They were banished due to the fact that they didn't complete their journey into manhood which required the killing of both parents.Because they did not complete their journey into manhood They were deemed the Bastards by the village chief just before being banished. Because of this the thuslt named Bastards have gone on for years constantly seeking out those that are stronger than them in order to obtain their power. This is their main goal for living and nothing else matters. They wish for nothing else aside from the pure Domination of any who would stand in their way.

Adventures so far Edit

Character relations Edit

San-Miguel along with his two brothers is currently traveling along with four other party members. One a captured street Performer Carlos, an aging old man by the name of Old Tim the Wizard, an Alchemist by the name of Kathy (or so the Bastards call him), and a War-priest by the name of Makoa.