The party had been summoned from the Shadow Absalom library, and find themselves in a druid's circle. A group of questioning druids approachs them/

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Return to Absalom without being killed by high-level druids.

Mission SummaryEdit

As the group becomes aware of their new surroundings, they see a group of druids approaching them. The druids, on first appearances are a bunch of insane old men, living in the forest. They asked questions that seemingly had no answer, and ultimately settled on the question, "What is my question?"

The group, becoming frustrated, attempted to get the way to Absalom from the head druid, but he merely called on a large number of roots to point in all directions. When the group attempted to leave and find their own way, the roots turned on them and snared the group.

Airi, however, was wearing a Ring of Freedom of Movement, allowing her to approach the head druid and demand a way back to Absalom. The head druid went through each of the group members, asking his question, but was ultimately disappointed when none of the group was able to figure out the meaning behind his words. When he at last explained that questions are the only way to obtain new knowledge, the group at last understood where he was coming from.

At last, they were able to answer his question by saying, "Your question is whatever you want to learn."

Satisfied, the druid warped the group back to the gates of Absalom.

Each party member found an letter in their pockets, with a question that was unique to each member.

The Druids' QuestionsEdit




Is the darkest part of your life really the worst piece?


Follow-Up QuestEdit

Lycanthrope Challenge: Asa