The Questioning Druids are eccentric individuals who live in an unknown forest. They value what questions represent, and frequently converse in questions. To those who do not understand their motivations, it would appear as though they are speaking in riddles.


As mentioned, the Questioning Druids constantly ask questions in order to gather information. Despite their initial sense of insanity, they are wise men. They are also powerful druids, capable of using high level summoning spells.

Role in the StoryEdit

The Questioning Druids QuestEdit

The Questioning druids summoned the Shadow Absalom Reconnaissance party into their circle, claiming to have been wanting to summon an ancient tree spirit. However, once the group had been summoned, they were immediately asked several questions.

The head druid repeated constantly throughout the encounter, "What is my question?"

The group ultimately disappointed the man, and he explained why questions are so important. After doing so, he teleported the group to the entrance of Absalom, and gave each of them a letter with a personal question written on it.