The Plane of Watermelons, like the name suggests, is a plane that is made of an extremely large watermelon patch.

Details of Location Edit

A single, large continent is the only land on the Plane of Watermelon. The environment will always feel like a cool summer day, allowing the staggering number of watermelon plants to grow safely. The soil of the plane is rich in nutrients.

There are several forts and cities, created by animate watermelon elementals.

Major Locations Edit

Watermelon Fort Edit

A fort made out of large watermelon shells, enhanced with strengthening magic to provide a strong defense against invaders.

Events Edit

The Attack of the Watermelons Edit

The party entered a portal leading into the interior of one of the Watermelon Forts. Inside, they found many dead Watermelon Elementals who had presumably lived inside of the fort. Upon looking around, they found many large, black rocks that seemingly fell from the sky, destroying sizable portions of the fort.

Upon looking at the exterior of the fort, the party found that the damage spread far beyond the fort, with the large rocks scattered as far as the eye could see.