Pharaoh's Tomb
The Pharaoh's Tomb is a large, trap-filled structured located deep undeground. The only known entrance is a series of trapdoors that lead into the first trap room.

The entrance to the tomb is located somewhere in the desert arond Sothis.

Details of LocationEdit

The tomb is filled with traps. All the rooms that have been explored contained at least one deadly trap, ranging from lever puzzles that stopped sand from flooding in, to a 600-foot pit.

Aside from the traps, the only notable features of the tomb were the room with the mural of an ancient pharaoh, who had a look of complete contempt, and a throne room at the end of the pit.


Desert Puzzles

The party accidentally stumbled into the tomb when Airi fell through one of the trapdoors leading into it. Her falling into the tomb, though, caused more trapdoors to open, and ultimately trapping the entire party into a series of rooms where they had to solve a lever puzzle to enter further into the tomb.

What followed was a series of perilous traps that nearly killed the entire party. However, they all managed to avoid their untimely demises, and met with a Contract Demon, who, after taking Munin's soul, resurrected Iri, and allowed the group to return to Sothis.