The realm of the goddess Shelyn. it is a gorgeous realm with a strong emphasis on beauty.


Details of Location Edit

As Shelyn is the goddess of beauty, she assures that her realm will meet her standards. It is perpetually in a warm summer day, with a clear sky. The large fields are grass are lusciously green, with rosebushes growing frequently in sculpted gardens.

Events Edit

Prior to the Invasion of Hell, the party of Airi, Iri, Hekrion, Munin, and the pair of Yin and Yang, realized that if they were to gain Munin's soul back from their previous adventure, they would need help, preferably divine help. While wandering the city of Sothis, the party found what appeared to be a grand temple. This was a temple of Shelyn and, with the help of Airi and Iri's undying love, the party was able to meet with the goddess in her own realm.