This strange talking ring with a habit for lying has been identified in the city of Sothis.

Functionality Edit

This is a ring of Weapon Storing. It can store 1 weapon of a size that the wearer can wield. Activating the ring is a free action that causes the weapon to appear in the wearer's hand. This ring is also sentient and possesses the power of invisibility. However, it can only cast invisibility on the weapon that is summoned from it, lasting 1 hour.

Attacking with this invisible weapon means that whatever opponent is being targeted is treated as being flat-footed, while the wielder takes a -2 on the attack roll.

Appearances in the Story Edit

While in the Ancient Dwarven Kingdom, Jericho stumbled upon a small room and found this ring under a table, covered in dust. The ring was mostly ignored until the imps were dealt with, at which time the party began arguing about what to do with it. The Cleric, suffering from a bout of insanity, convinced Jericho to give her the ring before shouting at it, "What do you do!" to which the ring replied in an androgynous voice, "Nothing." This startled and confused most of the party who began questioning the ring relentlessly, finding out that it had a tendency towards lying and intimidating it to further discover that it apparently has the ability to store small objects and turn others invisible. 

Quotes Edit

Ben: "WHAT DO YOU DO?!?" Ring: "Nothing."

Jericho: "Do you sing show tunes?" Ring: "Yes, only if you pay me."

Ben: "I challenge you to a singing contest!" Ring: "If I sung for you, you would die."

Jericho: "What should we do about the Testiclace?" Ring: "Worship the Testiclace!"

Jericho: "What is this Rock Demons weakness?" Ring: "Pee on it."

M'thrill: "How screwed is the Balor Demon?" Ring: "It is dead."

Jericho: "How screwed are we?" (Running away from 300 Dwarven Ghosts) Ring: "You are fine."