The Museum Ship is owned by a museum in Sothis, used to transport valuable artifacts for display and research. It is commandeered by a stubborn captain, who has sailed the sea between Absalom and Sothis for years.

Details of LocationEdit

The ship, itself, is a longboat that had been remodeled as a passenger ship and a transport ship. It is large enough to house tens of people.

It has a large cargo hold beneath the main deck, and crow's nest above.


Defense of the StatuesEdit

The party traveled to Sothis by means of this boat. However, what should have been easy sailing turned horrific when a mysterious mold started to bring the cargo hold full of statues to life. The group attempted to fight against the statues, but it was no use.

A servant of Cthulu appeared, and stopped the statues in their tracks, but dealt Airi insanity, and killed Hekrion.