After being thrown in jail, Asa managed to seduce her guard into returning her armor, and stepped into the Shadow Plane, where she found herself in a mysterious arena.

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Defeat an attacking lion, and become a werelion.

Mission SummaryEdit

Soon after the fight started, Asa was pounced by the lion, being pinned to the ground as it bit and clawed at her. However, she managed to use her Lion Figurines to give her some allies to fight on herside.

The change in numbers caused the attacking lion to soon perish. The crowd was a bit hesitent to give Asa the win, as she had not really fought alone, but she ultimately was given permission to become a werelion.

She was sent down a trapdoor, and found herself in a dining room, at the center of the Lycanthrope's Maze. On the table before her was the carcass of the defeated lion. She was instructed to eat every beat, and soon set to work.

Ultimately, she was unable to eat any more, and collapsed to the ground.

At this point, the party from spelunking found her. Airi, furious that she was out of jail, attempted to decapitate Asa, but it only triggered the lycanthropy change, and Asa awoke in a feral state, attempting to fight the others.

She was driven off by Linnaga, and retreated deep within the labyrinth.

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