Lycanthrope's Maze

The interior of the maze

The Lycanthrope's Maze is a sprawling series of caverns deep underground. The entrance to the Maze is in the Lycnathrope's Arena, and serves the purpose of allowing newly-transformed lycanthropes to feed their initial hunger and gain control of their new form.

Details of LocationEdit

The Maze, located in the Shadow Plane, contains a large number of twisting tunnels, leading anyone inside astray, lost and confused.

The walls of the tunnels are all covered in scratch marks, from a countless number of lycanthropes pursuing their prey. In the center of the maze is the entrance, where the candidate for lycanthropy is placed to eat the carcass of their slain adversary.

The entrance is also the only known exit, with a ladder leading up through a trapdoor.



After Asa had been thrown in jail, the rest of the party was sent on a quest to explore a mysterious cave that had just been found by the Adventurer's Pact. The group was immediately sent to a dead end in the Lycanthrope's Maze.

After seeing the scratch marks on the walls, the group desperately searched for an exit. They finally worked their way to the middle of the maze, where they found Asa, who had somehow escaped from jail, and had completed the Lycanthropy Challenge. Currently, she was transforming into a werelion for the first time.

The group managed to chase her off into the Maze, and managed to escape through the trapdoor, finding themselves just outside of the tavern.