Player Name: John Rowley

Character Name: Jericho

Race: Human

Class: Mobile Fighter

Gender: Male

Effective Level: 4

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jericho is a towering human, standing at 6'5" and weighing in at 215 pounds, Jericho strikes fear into the enemies that he faces. He is slightly tan, but not as tan as you would expect from someone who spends a decent amount of time in the sun. Jericho has some scars, including some on his left cheek that appear to be from a bear. He has brown eyes, short almost buzz cutted brown hair, and short facial hair. Jericho has a slightly hunched posture from both having to crouch down in buildings and from carrying a heavy backpack.


Jericho is cold and calculated when he wants his interests to be met. Other times his personality will start to fray at the edges and show signs of paranoia and insanity. Fraying has been observed to be caused by wealth such as gold, gems, and other valuables, heat, and the loss of soldiers under his command.

Jericho is supprisingly open to following orders and completing them even if the task is extremely dangerous to both himself and his team members. He is persistant and will complete the task even with the threat of death. He is extremely loyal to his team members and superiors.  

He has an almost racist disposition against elves. When asked why he hates them so much he never states why, often giving vague statements like "Have you ever tried to pass through an elven forest?", "Those oversized fairies love their forests a little 'too much'.", "I wouldn't surprised if I saw a tree with pointy ears.", "Living for hundreds of years must make them go insane".  

Jericho also has a great dislike for magic or any kind of unnatural power, he often gives a death stare to anyone he sees do magic or even anyone seen observing the magic. No one knows why. Oddly he is fine with enchanted or magical items. 


After the encounter with the dragon, Jericho was given Masterwork Dwarven plate armor. He continues to use his slightly melted longsword, often stating it still is able to slash and stab as normal with a flare of badassness. A heavy steel shield protects him from blows that directed at him. A heavy backpack holds whatever else he needs like rope, flint and steel, waterskins, torches, and other items.


Not much is known about Jericho's story, he mysteriously appeared in Epsilon and started taking working normal jobs like blacksmithing and farming. After a while he switched to more dangerous and higher paying jobs such as mercenary work and bounty hunting. He doesn't seem to spend much himself and most people wonder where the rest goes.