An accurate representation of Here

Here is Here.

Details of Location Edit

Here manifested itself to the party as an empty white space. They were able to stand, but they don't know what they were standing on. There was nothing around them.

The Old Man of Here is its sole resident, and presumed master. He is able to manifest his will on the realm of Here with a simple twirl of the hand. He has shown the ability to make Here a field of flowers on a warm summer day, but it is unknown the extent of his abilities.

The only known way to Here is to be brought by the Old Man of Here himself. However, remaining conscious through the process of being brought to Here will make insanity a guarantee, as the experience is beyond one's comprehension.

Events Edit

The party was brought to Here during a dangerous fight with horrific, warped beings, where the party were able to discuss the state of the planes.