Geoffrey Bearpark is a 22 year old male with brown hair and brown eyes.

Geoffrey from a young age was raised in the streets of Cheliax until one day a diplomat took him as his son and raised him to be a diplomat himself. Although he was being raised as a diplomat Geoffrey was still a street kid at heart and during his free time would go and pick the pockets of the rich he lived around. Geoffrey's adoptive father knew he would do this and gave him a special pair of gloves that made it easier for Geoffrey to pick pockets.

By the time Geoffrey was 15 he was already a well known diplomat and well liked by most people, except for the older diplomats. They didn't like him because he was already more popular then they were and he was pushing hard to become a top diplomat which was the positions they held. The older diplomats made several attempts on Geoffrey's life but they never worked because Geoffrey either convinced them to join him or he was able to dodge his attacker and then have them executed or taken to jail.

Geoffrey is friends with a few diplomats, who keep an eye on him and treat him like a brother. His adoptive father also made sure he learned to speak Elvish, so if Geoffrey were to every be set to an Elvish city he could speak the native language. He also worships the god Asmodeus.