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Yes, I went there.

     Dungeon Master Danyon hails from a faraway land. He joined the club along with the new members of Cohort 30. When he joined initially he was played in DM Cody's party, where he founded The Bastards. After The Bastard's unfortunate demise (being turned into dwarves). Danyon retired to being a DM, and inheriting DM Emerson's previous group who had just finished the noble quest of an ambiguous nature.

Dungeon Mastering StyleEdit

I try to keep my quests as epic as possible. The primary reason for this is I love sending my players off with epic stories to tell. Now there is a downside to this. My games tend to leave most the party unconscious after combat, and players tend to be more mortal in my campaigns. For example if your party and your party members deiced to force information out of you about a secret assassins guild and they overhear you. You better start writing your backup character if you don't already have one.

I also do not like laptops to be up during a campaign. Primarily because I like my players having all of their information organized and readied on paper. I find that this prevents players from having to look up things mid combat, and It makes rule disputes much easier to handle. If a rule must be disputed, please know where you got your information. If you found it from an unapproved source, you will be met with a harsh scowl and a confident "No." 

No dice rolling applications until epic level play.

Bonus Experience OpportunitiesEdit

I award bonuses primarily for badassery, bastardry and all around epicness... Even epic failure.

I also tend to award contrebutions to the game. Not just to me. For example bringing grape shasta to share for a game.

Missions Overseen Edit

Dog Sitting

Angry Gods

Down in the Dumps

Burning Man

Lycanthrope Guild Trials

Book of Giants