DM Cody started a few sessions after he joined the Pathfinder club as a regular player. The rapid growth and overall success of the club demanded more DM's to accommodate the growing player base. He had a few years experience as a DM of a DnD 3.5 game, which made learning the Pathfinder system a little easier.

Missions OverseenEdit

Favorite Self-QuotesEdit

"The dragon rips you in half."

"Holy s**t, how many nat 20's have you rolled?!"

"Hey Steven, do you want a totally free item in game? It's related to cats ."

"Please nat 1 three times in a row. I mean, I would hate it for you but it would make me sooo happy."

"There's no way you can do that." *nat 20* "Nevermind..."

"Wow, good job on surviving that, now for the second attack."

"I guess the wolf can technically learn to operate levers. Now your crab is dual-manned!"

Bonus XP OpportunitiesEdit

Grabbing this DM some food or a beverage.

Entire party shows up on time.