Dog Sitting
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level 6
Location Absalom
Rewards Gold
Quest progression
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Noble Quest of Ambiguous Nature Down in the Dumps

Dungeon Master Edit


Party Members Edit


Geoffrey Bearpark

Mission Goal Edit

Watch over a great dane for a night.

Mission Summary Edit

The party after the very long and ambiguous quest found themselves in a tavern that fancied to call themselves the Goat’s Teet.  Zaigen, sat at a table pondering why he always wound up killing innocent people.  During this time of questioning, a couple of the Adventurer’s Pact’s representatives, approached the party and said the Registrar had another job for them.  Excited for yet another thrilling adventure they went upstairs to the basement and as they came up, David was very confused by everything and is then told everything.  The Registrar greeted the party and asked how their last adventure went; he noticed the new face and asked if David would like to join the Adventurer’s pact.

A contract then appeared in front of David and he read the fineprint of it and found out that they had insurance; he then noticed that the paper could also teleport him and asked where it would teleport him and the Registrar told him it would teleport him to safety.  David signed the pact and the Registrar also noticed that Ryo was new and Ryo asked for a reward if he joined but was declined.  Ryo ended up joining the Pact anyways.  Zai asked about what happened to Talon and Red-Feather, and the Registrar said he didn’t know what happened to them but would teleport them to the party if they stopped by.

The Registrar then handed the group two jobs.  The first one required four people and involved investigating some angry gods on the top of a mountain.  The second job required only two people and was about looking after a dog for a little bit.  Vladimir, David, Sylus, and Zaigen want to take the Angry Gods job while Geoffrey and Ryo want to watch after the dog.  The Registrar then asked if the group was all prepared to leave and they all said yes.

Geoffrey and Ryo go to the house of the foreigner to introduce themselves to the quest-giver.  They end up in the Ivy district of Absalom and all the houses looked really nice and for merchants and important people.  They looked for the house for a little bit and eventually found it, it was bigger than the rest of the houses but at the same time looked less elaborate on the outside.  Ryo also took note that it didn’t look as maintained as the others.  They walked up to the door and a key formed from the paper and Ryo opened up the door and the two came into a hallway.  Everywhere they looked, they saw really expensive looking stuff and Ryo left the dinosaur outside.

Then, a massive dog ran towards them and they both dodged away from the charging dog and the dog then ran outside.  The dinosaur tried to intimidate the dog but failed and the dinosaur ran away.  The pair, realized their error and started running after the dog, who was chasing the dinosaur.  The Ivy District was in panic as they saw a Raptor being chased by a Great Dane.  Ryo tried to handle the dog and it turned toward him and charged at him.  Geoffrey got the dog’s attention and was now pissed at him.  Ryo handed the key to Geoffrey and then turned himself into a rabbit to get the dog’s attention.

Ryo ran back to the house with the dog right behind him and Geoffrey chased after the Great Dane.  However, the dinosaur was still on the loose in Absalom.  Ryo entered the backyard and turned into a Great Dane and the dog rounded the corner and Ryo heard the dog talking wondering where the Rabbit went at the same time wanted to play.  Ryo distracted the dog and successfully played with him.  Geoffrey got back and looked for them, and went to the back and opened the back door.  Ryo led the dog into the house with Geoffrey closing the door behind them.

Meanwhile, Ryo’s dinosaur was terrorizing the town, but he could sense that it was fine.  They looked around the house and the dog went to its food bowl.  Ryo turned back into a kitsune and treated it like home.  As they explored the house they noticed a lot of crates and some of them were half unpacked.  They noticed that the crates were from dragonspire and not where the Registrar claimed the owner was from.  Ryo recognized that dragonspire wasn’t on the continent and they also noticed a trapdoor.

Geoffrey opened the trapdoor and entered the cellar and Ryo turned into a dog and led the dog into the cellar.  Ryo went down there and the dog said that his master wouldn’t allow him to go down there.  As Ryo went down there he noticed a bunch of food in jars and barrels as well as a few recipe books and cooking utensils.  Ryo carried the dog down there and told the dog it was alright cause Ryo brought the dog down there.  Geoffrey noticed a discrepancy between the barrels and checked the barrels.  One had a tap that was really fragile looking and really thin.  The other was really thick and Ryo took some of the ale and it tasted really good.  Ryo turned the spriggot and it pulled out a little bit.

Geoffrey looked for anything different and noticed a tiny gab between the lid and rim of the barrel.  He pushed it and it looked like a doorway leading to something that was pretty dark.  Ryo lit up his scythe and thus illuminated the area and noticed a really worn down trainee dummy that was mutilated in strange areas.  Upon closer inspection they noticed that every place on the dummy that was stabbed was a precise location for a vital organ.  Geoffrey noticed some different armor of different sizes and form fitting.  He saw a picture of a woman wearing a fur cloak and some brown and silver leather armor that was really practical.  The armor she bore also contained interesting symbol of a V on it.  The desk in this room also had the same symbol and Geoffrey noticed it in some other locations as well. 

Geoffrey told Ryo about the symbol and Geoffrey then read some books on the desk.  They heard a whisper from somewhere saying welcome.  Ryo walked around the room and checked the armor for anything unique, the armor looked like it was in pristine condition and really nice but it wouldn’t fit him.  Geoffrey picked up the top book and it looked like a log written and he could roughly make it out.  He noticed a bunch of names of feminine nature and numbers but at the bottom were two names of masculine nature and numbers.

Ryo studied the painting and saw that the woman portrayed in the portrait was really beautiful.  He took the painting off the wall and nothing was behind it but tried to put it in the bag of holding but was unsuccessful and Ryo heard a faint whisper telling him to not do that.  Then explained that he would have to ask the master for it.  Ryo then soon came to fall in love with the woman in the painting.  Dip read the next book and it was a big leather-bound book and it looked like a bunch of obituaries and a bunch of stories on how people died.

He flipped to one page and it read Shard and described this epic battle of her going to and ancient library and stuff.  Ryo asked Geoffrey if he found anything and Geoffrey told him he found a book about how a bunch of adventurers died.  Geoffrey looked at the painting and noticed it at the bottom there was an engraving saying Shard.  Geoffrey then told Ryo his findings and Ryo thought about using necromancy to revive her but was then a little sickened by the thought of her appearance.  Ryo put the painting back and said goodbye as he shed a single tear.

Geoffrey tried to read a third book but it wasn’t complete, and it looked like a journal but changed languages whenever he tried to read it.  The duo then decided to try and figure out what the symbol meant and Ryo tried to rip off the leg of the desk with the symbol, but he couldn’t and he topped but said he could if he tried harder.  They feel like it’s a symbol of a guild and Geoffrey vaguely remembers that when they were in the tavern there were a couple of men who had a couple of cloaks with the symbol.  They decided to leave the room but Ryo made sure everything was back where it was.  Geoffrey successfully peeled off the symbol with a dagger and Ryo got ready to relieve himself in a corner.  The whisper asked him what he was doing and Ryo got scared and stopped what he was doing.

They went out of the small room and noticed the dog was already back upstairs.  Ryo then thanked the whispers for the hospitality and he heard a whisper back of you’re welcome.  Geoffrey fixed the tap and went upstairs and found a leash and a note.  Geoffrey read a note that said the dog’s name was Shard.  Geoffrey realized the dog was named after the woman and decided to keep this information from Ryo.  Geoffrey took the dog out for a walk and Ryo explored more of the house. 

It was now nighttime and Shard started barking at something upstairs.  Ryo calmed the dog and asked to show them where it was.  They walked up two flights of stairs and came to a door where they heard rummaging on the other side.  Geoffrey opened the door and entered with Ryo.  They see a lot of things rustled around but can’t seem to find what was in the room but that the window was open.  They close the door behind them and start looking around.  On the dresser Geoffrey found this weird figure made out of spoons and noticed it twitch and realized it was what made the noise.

As soon as he told Ryo the one on the dresser and two more jumped the Diplomat.  Ryo tried to attack one on the ground and they heard a whisper saying demons.  Ryo tried to commune with the demons but was nauseated by the thought of communing with demons.  Geoffrey tried to take the one off his face and threw it at the wall.  Ryo looked for a Ouija Board but was unsuccessful.  One of the figurines charged at him and spooned him right in the belly button.

The other two charged Geoffrey and failed.  Ryo casted sanctuary and the fighting stopped.  Geoffrey tried to ask them what they were doing and they mimed what they were looking for information that may be on a piece of paper.  The pair debated whether to help them and Geoffrey asked who they worked for and the spoons mimed out a wizard.  Ryo went to investigate the other rooms and left Geoffrey with the spoons.  Geoffrey asked if the master was male or female and they mimed out male.

Ryo left the room and as he was gone, Geoffrey decided to help the Spoon Golems to the cellar.  Ryo then met up with them and didn’t want anyone else to see the picture of Shard and as Geoffrey said they were going to the cellar Ryo was able to interrupt him in time and say the kitchen.  Geoffrey snapped back and realized that it was a bad idea to take them to the cellar.  The spoons looked around and found nothing in the kitchen, they went to the study and read a book.  The spoons gave a thumbs up like gesture and turned into a spoon copter and it went to the door but kept running into it.

Ryo held the dog back and opened the door to allow the spoons to leave and closed the door.  A Whisper said the demon had left.  Ryo claimed he did his duty and the whisper said to take anything he wanted and Ryo went to take the painting.  The duo then fell asleep and wake up to a knocking on the door.  Geoffrey answered the door to find 6 guards at the door.  One of them is holding a ticket and said they had a reptilian and it caused 2600 gold in property damage.  Geoffrey said he can talk to the owner and the guard said they need to talk to the owner himself and Ryo went to the door and was told everything.

Geoffrey tried lowering the price but instead it was raised to 5000 and the guard said they would be waiting at the station.  Ryo flipped out Geoffrey, and they started to argue when a light knock happened at the door and then the sound of a key turning.  A man in a white tunic with rolled up sleeves entered the house and he said he saw the guards and asked what happened.  Ryo said everything was fine and the man asked if anything was damaged and Ryo told him about the spoon golems.  The man seems intrigued by it and Ryo then said he took the painting and the man said he knew as the house told him.

Ryo asked if he could join the guild and the man said yes.  The man looked at Geoffrey disappointedly and told them not to tell anyone about this place or anything that happened and if they did they will die.  The man pulled out some leather armor and gave it to Ryo as well as a cloak with the V emblem on it.  For a few moments, the armor didn’t fit but the man snapped his fingers and the armor was now fitted.  Ryo asked for a short sword and was given one.  The man then thanked them for looking out for Shard.

Ryo was then shocked to find out the dog was named after the woman he loved and then the man told him that she died and explained her death to him as well.  The man then says Ryo will be contacted by the guild and also tells them his last name was Vestue and that’s what the V stood for.  Vestue then asked them to leave and they left.  The duo went to the station and Geoffrey gave Ryo 2500 gold for increasing the price and Ryo paid the fine and the dinosaur was overwhelmingly happy to see Ryo.

The entire party meets back in Absalom near the Goat’s Teet and they all enter the tavern.  Ryo and Geoffrey ask what the other four did and David explained it in a very excellent song of the adventure.  Ryo then said that the dog chased the dinosaur and that was all they could say.  Both Vladimir and David caught on to this small remark.  David tried to convince Geoffrey to spill but doesn’t so Vladimir intimidated the druid and Ryo lies but Vladimir saw through the lie.  Ryo then tried to cut his own tongue as he didn’t want to die but David stopped him.

Ryo then told everything in Druic but Vladimir then scared him into saying it in common.  Ryo started spilling everything and Geoffrey attempted to knock him out but couldn’t.  Ryo said everything and both immediately realized they were in danger and went to the Registrar for help and he told them they should retire as adventurers and so they did.  The two left and as they exited the tavern they both dropped dead.