Demon duck colored by willhenry2of10

The Demon Duck's true form (probably)

The Demon Duck, on first appearances, seems to be a normal duck. However, you must not believe its lies.

Role in CampaignEdit

The Demon Duck appeared inside of the sewers inside of a mysterious magical circle during the Goblin Invasion. It was the original trigger that prevented the ceiling of the room from falling and crushing those within. Through trickery, it managed to get the party to remove it from the circle, and then proceeded to run away from the group, unwilling to return to the circle and spare their lives.

However, it was thwarted when the group discovered that it wasn't the duck that prevented the ceiling from crushing them, but any living creature in the circle would do. The group had managed to escape, and when the duck attempted to do so as well, was stopped by a flaming arrow, and fell into a pit of acid, where it presumably died.

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