Decanter of endless kittens

They look so cute... for exactly 6 seconds

This item is originally known as The Decanter of Endless Kittens. Which spawns an endless number of kittens at different rates which jump around and play in utter adorableness for a few minutes before vanishing. However, this item was conceived by some sick and twisted mind that took joy in the suffering and horror of others.

Functionality Edit

The device appears to be a normal container for water or such, despite it's lavish appearance. Once it is given to someone, they can no longer put it down. The only way to move it is from hand-to-hand. Once opened, a kitten of random type will tumble out of the decanter and immediately run up to and cuddle the closest friendly target, being tiny sized meaning it must share the square with the target. However, on the start of the next round, the kitten explodes violently; leaving kitty residue on everything in that square, as well as doing 1d6 points of force damage. Like most Decanters of Endless X, the device can be set to 3 settings:

Stream (1 Kitten per round)

Fountain (5 Kittens per round)

Geyser (25 Kittens per round).

Appearances in the Story Edit

While in Sothis, the Horse-Lord M'thril encountered a merchant selling exotic foods. The meal came with a free decanter of water. She accepted the offer and opened the decanter, causing a kitten to fall out. A brief moment of "Aww" occurred before the adorably furry critter painted her shins red with kitten guts, causing a veritable panic. 

After much strife, the tossing of exploding kittens, and a very well-placed arrow to the knee, the party had the thing destroyed, rendering it a normal decanter full of water and kitten parts.