The Contract Demon of the Pharaoh's Tomb is a particularly devious demon. He is capable of reading the minds of those who appear before him, and uses this information to trick them into signing a contract for their souls.

Role in CampaignEdit

Desert PuzzlesEdit

This contract demon awaited the party at the very bottom of a pit in the Pharaoh's Tomb. When the party appeared before him, he displayed an intense interest in Airi, as her feeling of loss for Iri would make for an easy victim. However, it was ultiamtely Munin's that he claimed for his own.

After failing to trick Hekrion into accepting his power, he ultimately took Munin's second wish, where he returned the lives of Munin's lost tribe in the form of a soul-filled jar.

The contract demon also tempted Yang with a wish to increase his intelligence. This was quickly denied as, to quote Yang, "Smarter make harder break things."

At last, he let the group use a portal to return to Sothis. After they returned from the tomb, everyone in the party vowed to take revenge on the demon, for one reason or another.

The Invasion of HellEdit

The group, after speaking with Shelyn, summoned the demon, planning to bind him to the plane and act as their gateway to Hell. He initially saw through the lies of Hekrion and Airi, but when Hekrion finally admitted to doing whatever it would take to get his revenge. The demon, seeing his conviction, took out a new contract, ready for Hekrion to sign. However, he found himself trapped, when the magical quill Shelyn had given the party.

Within a few seconds, the party had killed him.

The plan worked, and soon the party found themselves in Hell, summoned by the Balors who ruled over the damned souls.