The Coin of Cassandra's Curse is a cursed object that gives the bearer the ability to see the future, but unable to convey their visions to others. It was found by Hekrion on the boat bound for Sothis.

The coin, itself, is silver and has an eye on one side, representing perception, and an hourglass on the other, representing the sights of the future it provides.

The CurseEdit

The curse occasionally sends its possessor into a trance, in which they are able to see events in the near future. The vision are seen from the eyes of a person, generally the possessor themselves. Despite the relative clarity of each vision, the curse prevents the user from easily changing the future by making it physically impossible to speak clearly of their vision. When attempting to speak of the future, the user's speech is distorted to others, instead having it appear that the user is speaking of an arbitrary topic, such as pudding.

The curse also makes the coin unable to be removed from the possessor's inventory. In order to keep with its victim, it can stick to the hand of its possessor, making it impossible to throw away. While it does not affect the ability to hold other objects, it can be put into a bag, so long as the bearer is the owner of the bag, and has it on their person at all times.

Role in the StoryEdit

After Hekrion found it, it began giving visions of living statues, foretelling that the fungus would bring to life the statues in the cargo hold of the ship. He also saw visions of Airi being run through and killed by one of the statues, and attempted to change the future. However, anyone he tried to speak to thought that he was becoming insane because of his innane ramblings about spilt pudding.

Once the statues came to life, adhering to the visions Hekrion had seen thus far, the coin's foretold future soon broke, when Cthulu's servant appeared in the cargo hold. While the servant was able to stop the statues, keeping Airi's death from happeing, Hekrion ultimately was killed, the coin still in his bag.

When he was ressurected in Sothis, he found that he could not remember any of the visions he had seen. However, he is not willing to touch the coin to get the power of future-sight again, so it is resting peacefully in a small sack on his belt.