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Bard 7

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Chaotic Neutral

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Bland Green

The first thing most notice about Coat is his red hair. It is not a dull red, more akin to brown than anything else, nor is it a haughty red, bright and full of vigor. Rather, it is a soft, deep red, like that of the leaves of a red maple on a cold autumn morning. Few notice anything else about Coat that is unique. He has a thin build, with slightly long legs. He has a hooked nose and a thin mouth. However, to one who is actively looking, one can spot a thin scar wrapped around his neck.

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Coat's personality seems to be quite bland. He only listens to customers, and makes idle conversation, rarely speaking of himself or his interests. The only time this changes is when he tells stories. Coat does not just tell a story, he lives it. Every character is unique, every world a wondrous construction. Story telling seems to be his greatest joy, and he knows many.

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Rusted Silver Rapier ( +1 Agile Rapier )

+2 Leather Armor

Helm of Alluring Charisma + 4

Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2

Cloak of Stealth +3

Ring of Minor Intellect + 1

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-- Coats Stories

Every Saturday noon, Coat tells stories to the local children. These stories tend to be by popular request, but Coat will occasionally choose his own tale to tell. Some have veiled references to his own past, and a clever listener can discern patterns that hint at Coat's own story.

-In Progress

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