General Rules & FAQ

This document is intended to outline the rules for your convenience.


  • Base Level: 4th

  • Character:

    • Each player should have a character made before the time designated for play on regular meeting days.

    • You are free to ask for help at any time not during play; however, the designated time for assisted character creation is at noon on regular meeting days.

    • Each character may start at the base level, if not they must start at level 1.

  • Backup Character:

    • Each player must have a backup character following the same rules as character.

    • The backup character is only for if your current character dies.

    • A player may have only one designated backup character at a time.

  • Retiring Characters:

    • A retired character may not be used again without express permission and does not gain any levels during the time they are retired.

    • To retire a character please inform the DM’s of such actions in order to make sure we are properly aware of the change in story content.

    • The new character must follow all rules of character but may begin at the same level of the retired character or base level so long as it is not higher.

    • The new character does not retain any items from the retired character and can only possess what it can afford with the base gold from it’s level.

    • You then must create a new backup character in the event your new character should die.

  • Temp Character:

    • A player can have as many of these as they want.

    • This follows the rules of character but a player can use these to test ideas or try to complete challenges without risking the life of their current character/backup character.

    • A Temp Character may be your current character’s level or the base level.


  • Cult of Lycanthropy Challenge:

    • As a warning this challenge will kill a character if they fail the task. It is advised to create a temp character.

    • The character must designate the werebeast they wish to become. The animals are as follows:

      • Bat, Bear, Tiger, Boar, Wolf, Rat, crocodile, and Shark.

    • The character will then be stripped of their weapons and given a dagger to fight with and will be granted access to the pit.

    • The character will then fight the dire-animal of their choice that is infected with the lycanthropy disease. This grants the animal a bonus 20 hp.

    • If the player successfully kills the animal, they may complete the rest of the ritual, which is just beautiful exposition and a few dice rolls.

  • Becoming a Lycanthrope:

    • Players who wish to be Lycanthropes must inform the DM’s so we can make preparations.

    • To become a Lycanthrope you must complete the Cult of Lycanthropy Challenge in order to be a werebeast with control.

  • Play a Lycanthrope:

    • If you became a lycanthrope not via the cult you follow the standard lycanthropy rules.

    • If you became a lycanthrope via the cult you can polymorph any time as a free action.

    • The duration to polymorph takes a full-round action plus a DC 15 Con check. This provokes an attack of opportunity. You cannot take any actions while changing.