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Abolish Dragon menace north-west of Absalom.

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A couple of singed peasants ran to the ferry and made it to Absalom. They offered some sum of gold for the party taking care of a dragon menace out in the fields away from Absalom. The party went out and found a burning farm house with a small whelpling flying around outside. After killing it, they found about 7 more inside a barn sleeping in a barn. Despite better judgement, they decided to try and murder all the whelplings in their sleep. They failed to assassinate them, but successfully killed them all. All but one, who they captured and forced to lead them to the horde of loot.

Once they got to the mountain, the walked through a long cave until they got to the loot room. After deciding to jump in and begin looting, an adult red dragon swooped down behind the party, initiating combat. The combat lasted a long time, The Demon being ripped in half in the process. After that, the party decided to flee. They fled for a short time before hearing the distinct sound of a dragon dying. This made them curious and caused them to go back and investigate, where they found a nearly decapitated dragon and a beautiful woman. The woman transformed into a dragon once the entire party was in the horde room and sealed the exit. She then offered everyone a deal; their most valuable item in exchange for something from the loot pile that she chose at random. Everyone else made it out alive, but some people made off better than others.

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