Character DetailsEdit

​​Player Name:

Gregory Medina

Character Name:

Bane Willowleaf






Ninja (5)

Effective Level:



Chaotic Neutral

Physical DescriptionEdit

Bane is a rather average catfolk in appearance. He stands at 5' 8" and is rather slender but well muscled. He is covered in a light grey fur with lighter patches surrounding his eyes and near his hands (or paws if you prefer) and his luminous green eyes are the only feature that truely stand out from the calm and simple fade of his fur. Bane is often seen wearing his well worn and well cared for studded leather jerkin along with the mtching leather greaves. Otherwise Bane will often don a light pair of pants and a simple tunic.Understandably he rarely wears boots of any kind.


Bane is rather agreeable and quite curious about that which he has never before enountered. However despite how easy it is to interact with him because of it, it remains rather difficult to beocme his friend. Bane has lost many of those he was close to and as such he is slow to sincerely befriend anyone. It usually takes months or at least a few perilous escapes before he trusts anyone to live. At that point he may consider you a friend. Bane is, once he counts you a friend, very protective. He will fight and will do as much as he can to save them.


Well. . . .no. Sorry. You don't get to know.