Umbral Dragon

The Queen of Shadow Absalom, the Shifting Lady of Ebon Scales, Argrinyxia is a powerful umbral dragon. With the powers of a sorcerer and with nearly a millenia to train her magicks, she is one to be feared.

She possesses a large knowledge regarding the state of the planes.

Role in CampaignEdit

Shadow Absalom ReconnaissanceEdit

The party managed to gain audience with her by pretending to be diplomats representing Absalom. Naturally, she was able to quickly see through their disguise, and demanded to know why they came. Upon hearing their explanation, she concluded that they were merely being used in order to investigate the mysterious events that have been happening between the planes.

She explained that the planes had somehow crashed, and were beginning to merge. Even she, with her vast knowledge, was unable to explain how such an event was possible.

As she had her duties in Shadow Absalom, she sent the party out to investigate the state of the planes.

After dismissing the party, she requested that Shadow stay behind. Once alone, she revealed that the lump of coal that he had won in the bar game was a piece of Dragon's Coal, and that a large gemstone was contained within. The gemstone, while valuable, had its real use in giving the powers of the King of Absalom. Shadow, accepting the power, had the gem placed inside of his chest, and he gained the power to morph into an Umbral Dragon himself.