Angry Gods
Vital statistics
Start Unknown
End Unknown
Prerequisites Unknown
Level 6
Location Koltose Mountains
Rewards Enchanted Articles of Clothing
Quest progression
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The Noble and Ambiguous Quest Down in the Dumps

Dungeon Master Edit


Party Members Edit



Vladamir and Rasputin


Mission Goal Edit

Try and figure out what is wrong with the gods at the Koltose Mountains and solve the problem.

Mission Summary Edit

The party after the very long and ambiguous quest found themselves in a tavern that fancied to call themselves the Goat’s Teet.  Zaigen, sat at a table pondering why he always wound up killing innocent people.  During this time of questioning, a couple of the Adventurer’s Pact’s representatives, approached the party and said the Registrar had another job for them.  Excited for yet another thrilling adventure they went upstairs to the basement and as they came up, David was very confused by everything and is then told everything.  The Registrar greeted the party and asked how their last adventure went; he noticed the new face and asked if David would like to join the Adventurer’s pact.

A contract then appeared in front of David and he read the fineprint of it and found out that they had insurance; he then noticed that the paper could also teleport him and asked where it would teleport him and the Registrar told him it would teleport him to safety.  David signed the pact and the Registrar also noticed that Ryo was new and Ryo asked for a reward if he joined but was declined.  Ryo ended up joining the Pact anyways.  Zai asked about what happened to Talon and Red-Feather, and the Registrar said he didn’t know what happened to them but would teleport them to the party if they stopped by.

The Registrar then handed the group two jobs.  The first one required four people and involved investigating some angry gods on the top of a mountain.  The second job required only two people and was about looking after a dog for a little bit.  Vladimir, David, Sylus, and Zaigen want to take the Angry Gods job while Geoffrey and Ryo want to watch after the dog.  The Registrar then asked if the group was all prepared to leave and they all said yes.

David looked at the contract and found out that it was located at the Kortos Mountains.  David thought that it was a good idea to find out what the gods are and left to try and find out how to appease or kill the god.  David knew that the gods of the mountain are known to be very large animals, they’ve existed in peace and the people of Absalom believed they’re job was to keep the gods appeased so they don’t murder the entire world.  The gods are large white and consist of a bear, bird, and two wolves.  David then told the rest of the quartet everything he knew.

The group was still confused on what they still needed to do and so Zaigen volunteered to go back to the Registrar and asked if he had any more information.  The Registrar said they got the quest magically, not by a person, and then said with a negative connotation said to read the quest and then also said to ask the nomadic people.  The Registrar then handed the sorcerer a piece of candy as he left.  The party left for the Mountain and quickly ended up in the forest near the base of the mountain.  David was about to say that he thought he knew where to go but Vladimir used his tracking skills and found the village immediately.

David got the feeling that he was being watched and saw something looking at him from behind a tree but in then faded from existence.  David told the group what he saw and Sylus, wanting to get a better vantage point, threw his grapple hook and broke a branch that then landed on his face.  The group of four then continued onward towards the village and reached the nomadic tribe of about fifty people, with a bonfire and a person really decorated by the bonfire.

The man looked like he was really concerned and so the party walked up to him and when they got really close to him he looked shocked and got angry at them.  Vladimir then said they heard there was trouble and asked if they could do anything to help.  The leader thanked them and was confused and asked how they knew and Vladimir said they knew somehow.  The leader said they had done everything right to keep the gods appeased and that the gods are still angry and they didn’t know what to do.

The half-orc leader said their spiritual leader Tak didn’t know why.  They thought the energy was off on one of the shrines.  The wolves had come down a few times and caused trouble and the camp was currently at the location of the wolf in an attempt to appease the god.  David asked why the leader was angry at the site of them and the leader said he accepted anyone and they constantly get people trying to hunt down convicts that had joined the tribe.

David asked if anyone recently had joined as they could be the source of the troubles and the leader said that no one had joined recently and the wolves had been mad for about a week now.  The group asked if they couldsee the spiritual leaders and the camp leader agreed and pointed to a circle of people.  The group walked over to the circle of people and they walked over and as they walked over Sylus strapped six crowbars to his vest.  One of the spiritual leaders looked like a bug-bear.  Vladimir mistook the bug-bear for a half-orc and Zaigen believed he saw a drawing of one before.

The bug-bear looked at the quartet and they asked how long the wolves had been angry and he held up six fingers and the group asked if they meant days and the spiritual leaders nodded.  David asked what was wrong and the spiritual leaders and David interpreted it as the shrine has a weird vibe and the group asked where the shrine was and they pointed to a gate made out of sticks.  David asked if there were dangers to expect past the gate.

They make a gesture of a wolf eating a man and Vladimir asked if the group could rightfully defend themselves and the spiritual leaders nodded their heads.  The group goes up the path with Sylus and David in stealth and Vladimir decided that then was a good time to tell Zaigen how he trained Rasputin with his face.  They eventually came to a clearing in the forest and they found out they reached the foot of the mountain of the wolves.  Vladimir looked over and saw someone staring at them behind a tree.  It was very large and wearing a white pelt and a glimmer of weapon, and stood somewhere between seven and fourteen feet.

Vladimir told the party and Zaigen detected a faint mask of magic and told the party.  The trees were bigger and further spaced out as they got closer to the mountain.  The forest floor was dark and they were almost at the shrine.  They came across the shrine and it looked like an alcove and it was at the foot of the main mountain.  In the alcove was two wolf statues and they recognized them as the gods.  They felt as if they shouldn’t be there, and Sylus, who was in one of the trees saw a lot of animal tracks but couldn’t make them out.

David and Vlad looked around and saw that the moon light was shining perfectly on the two statues and they’re shadows were aligning with the shapes on the wall behind them and saw an outline in the soil that the statues were moved about an inch.  As David and Rasputin were about to move the shrine, David realized that moving the shrine wasn’t such a great idea and only someone aligned with the god should touch any shrine.  David then concluded that the wolves were of the lawful neutral alignment and told the group, sadly no one was of that alignment.

They decided to make a fire and Zaigen got really entranced by the fire and Sylus heard footsteps.  Everyone else say Sylus do a backflip and disappeared into the darkness.  David and Vladimir pulled out their swords and Rasputin looked over in a direction.  Vladimir looked in the same direction and saw a person with no intent of harm.  With his hands in his pockets, this man walked up in a white tunic and sleeves rolled up.  As he was walking up he waved at the four people and the bear.  David and Sylus tried to get a sense for his motive and looked like an average person that was lost.  Vladimir asked who was there and the man responded that his name was Calric.  He then stated he was lost and was walking outside of Absalom and was now lost.  Calric looked frightened by the drawn swords and said he meant no harm and asked where he was and also asked about the statues.

Vladimir and David said they were in the Koltose mountains and that the statues were a shrine.  Calric then responded that he knew about the mountains but never been there.  David didn’t recognize him as a citizen of Absalom and Zaigen asked Calric if he knew how he got there.  Calric said he had this weird dream of camping in the woods and woke up in the forest.  During the dream a large white wolf walked up to him and then left and he followed.  Vladimir said the shrine is for the deity of the white wolf and David noticed the shadows in the alcove and they seemed to be a symbol in a language possibly meaning harmony.  Zaigen then chimed in with the thought that since there were two wolves maybe one was out of balance.

Calric said he was hungry and Sylus, from the shadows, threw some rations and David told Calric to eat it and he did.  Calric asked if anyone would like to dance and also said he sold music boxes and that he had one with him.  Zaigen couldn’t detect any magic from it and David asked if he could look at it and it looked like it would belong to someone with a nice house.  David played it and it sounded more of a string instrument and Calric started dancing with David singing.  David noticed that the dance had an undertone of fighting and asked if he was an adventurer.  Calric said that he was a long time ago and saw a lot of people die and so he stopped, and then everyone fell asleep quickly afterwards.

Next thing they knew, they were awoken by an eerie howl and heard something coming towards them.  Sylus stealthily approaches the rest of the group and draws two of his crowbars.  Vladimir woke up to and David told the group something was approaching.  The two drew their swords and then they saw two massive wolves with glistening white fur behind the alcove.  The wolves started to speak in Sylvan and David understood them and they said it was a sacred place and they weren’t welcome.  David responded saying something was wrong and they denied it.  David asked why they were attacking people and the wolves said they weren’t satisfied and so David asked what could satisfy them.  There response was that nothing could and thanks to Velkir they had everything they wanted.

Confused, David asked who was Velkir and they said he traveled from a long ways away, and now that the four had seen them he could no longer live.  Six dire wolves came out of the forest and the group noticed Calric was gone.  Sylus heard a twig snap behind him and then was bit on the shoulder and noticed a white wolf with a crazed look.  It backed up with maniacal laughter and vanished behind a tree.  Both of the god wolves had been attacking Rasputin but Rasputin just bit one of them in half and then turned just as white as the wolf he ate.

Sylus then found himself turning into a werewolf and was now attacking his friends.  David was able to calm him down eventually just as Vladimir killed the other god wolf.  After the fight the party went back to sleep and woke up with Sylus no longer as a wolf.  They walk back to the village and the nomads were surprised to see all of them alive.  The leader asked what happened and David explained in song and the chief was in awe and the village was especially shocked to see Rasputin and his knew coat.  The chief bowed to the quartet and thanked them for relieving them of one of their duties.  As thanks he gave each person and bear an article of his clothing and the group asked if the chief needed anything else and he said no so they returned to the city.

The entire party meets back in Absalom near the Goat’s Teet and they all enter the tavern.  Ryo and Geoffrey ask what the other four did and David explained it in a very excellent song of the adventure.  Ryo then said that the dog chased the dinosaur and that was all they could say.  Both Vladimir and David caught on to this small remark.  David tried to convince Geoffrey to spill but doesn’t so Vladimir intimidated the druid and Ryo lies but Vladimir saw through the lie.  Ryo then tried to cut his own tongue as he didn’t want to die but David stopped him.

Ryo then told everything in Druic but Vladimir then scared him into saying it in common.  Ryo started spilling everything and Geoffrey attempted to knock him out but couldn’t.  Ryo said everything and both immediately realized they were in danger and went to the Registrar for help and he told them they should retire as adventurers and so they did.  The two left and as they exited the tavern they both dropped dead.