The Absalom Tavern is where the Neumont Pathfinder Society spent their nights in while in Absalom.

Details of LocationEdit

The Absalom Tavern is where the Adventurer's Pact is based, allowing new and old adventurer's alike to have an easy way to access the group. The tavern is large, being capable of easily holding over 20 people rooming separately at one time.

The rooms on the second floor are through a door, leading into a short hallway. However, as the doors move further and further down the hall, each of the connecting hallways steadily get longer and longer, leaving a large space that exists for currently unknown reasons.

The tavern is constructed from a wood that has been enchanted to suck oxygen from the environment in the event of fire.


Bar GameEdit

A bar game was held, with a mysterious Bag of Holding being offered for the winner. The majority of the adventurer's participated, but the whole thing ultimately became a mess when the party members began interfering with the current participant. Eventually, Nagisa attacked Ryner with a magical bow, immediately flooring the latter and almost starting a bar fight. Before the fight could start, Hekrion and Chase managed to calm their party members down and avoid a fight.

Goblin InvasionEdit

A large swarm of goblins invaded the tavern shortly after the Bar Game, kidnapping all the adventurer's and taking them into the sewers.