A Meeting of Fates Edit

Through strange happenings many heroes from across the many planes are brought together by the Gods Iomedae, Cayden Cailean, Torag, and Irori. After much discussion the gods reveal that the planes are colliding, but that even they do not know the true cause. In an attempt to study those who were affected most heavily due to this series of events they brought them all together to study and test these champions of the worlds. These brave souls now burn brightly in the night after meeting the four are they fated to save all existence or to doom it all with their new found strength.

Dungeon Masters Edit

Party Members Edit

(Just putting who I remember please add any who were there)

  • Azil
  • John's Fighter
  • Gildedwing
  • Keith's Ranger?
  • Steve's fighter?
  • Ryan's Magus
  • Vincent's Arcanist?
  • Sul
  • The Bastards
  • Austin's girl with a beaver
  • Old Man Wizard Tim
  • Vladamir and his Dire Bear Rasputin
  • Lots of other people who's names escape me (sorry folks add yourselves)

Mission Goal Edit

  • Compete in the Beast Arena
  • Compete in the Arena of Champions
  • Compete in the Tavern of Fable
  • Explore the Library of Tales

Summary(Beast Arena) Edit

Torag invited all who wished to test their mettle to compete in his arena of creatures, facing wave after wave of foes until one team came out on top. The competitors that answered his call were the Bastard brothers, Steven Light (Forgot the character name), Vladamir and Rasputin, and others( Please insert names)

Summary(Arena of Champions) Edit

Iomedae invited all those who wished to test their strength and conviction against one another, were joined into teams of varying sizes. They were matched against parties of near equivalent strength to duke it out in the shifting arena. The shifting arena took on random properties at the beginning of each fight changing the battlefield. The winning team was to face each member in single combat to see who was the ultimate champion.

Summary(Tavern of Fable) Edit

Cayden Cailean invited those who wished to drink, eat, and play games to his tavern, those who joined in the games were in it for a merry time. (Please someone recount what happened)

Summary(Library of Tales) Edit

Irori invited those who would seek knowledge and wisdom into his great library, those who searched found many clues and information to aid them on their adventure, but only one could claim the ultimate prize. (Please someone recount what happened)

Follow-up quests Edit

Return to the Material Plane(AKA return to previous quests or be inserted into new parties.)